Thorson Episode 6 - Spear Shaker
“Boy.” he rumbled again. Odin, in all his majesty, his war aspect on him, dressed in golden mail, his ravens on his shoulders, his helmet tucked under one elbow, staff in the other hand. My father’s father. He glowed like the sun in the mist of my dreamscape.

“Gramps.” I replied. “You do realize that there’s this magic called ‘A cell phone.’, right? It even takes messages, so grandsons can get some rest while they’re sleeping.”

“Smart-ass.” Was that a hint of a smile?

“Better than a dumb-ass.” Yep, just a hint.

Odin, the All-father, loves all his children, loves all his charges. But love is not the same as respect, and he’s an old god, with old attitudes. If you want his respect, you need to stand up to him from time to time. If you don’t have his respect, he won’t listen to you.

My father taught me that smart people learn from their mistakes, but wise people learn from other people’s mistakes. Then he told me stories about his father. I’ve done my best to be wise.

“Now that the pleasantries are out of the way, I have need of you.”

Oh, crap. Way too many of Dad’s stories about Odin started out with the old man saying something like that.

“Gungnir is missing. Your brothers have been killed by its taker. And Fenrir has been freed. I fear that Asgard is under attack.”

My face must have betrayed some of the emotions that washed over me at the thought that Módi and Magni my half-brothers, had been murdered by someone using the Raven God’s enchanted spear. Their names meant ‘Brave’, and ‘Strong’, and they were, and damn near unbeatable in battle.

And Fenrir! The great Fenris Wolf, destined, according to prophecy, to start the Fimbulwinter, when he swallowed the Sun, and then to kill Odin at the battle of Ragnarok, when the world ends, and the new Cycle starts.

“Fear not, they will be resurrected, when the time is right, but for now, they must remain with Hel, until Gungnir is retrieved. Else the thief may find a way to make their deaths permanent.”

“What can I do to help? And why me?” I hoped that came out more forceful than helpless. I wasn’t sure what I could do against someone who Módi and Magni couldn’t stop.

“I have determined the general location of Gungnir. I want you to retrieve it for me. As to the choice of you, there are two reasons. I don’t know who took Gungnir. It could have been anyone in Asgard. Until I know, I can’t trust any of them. And I must stay here to protect Asgard from attack, should Fenrir come this way.”

Well, that explained the armor. “How do I find it?”

He looked at my right hand, and I noticed that I was now holding a golden necklace, with a spear pendant.

“It will always point in the direction of Gungnir, having once been a part of it.”

“Cool, quantum entanglement!” He looked at me. “What? We learned about it in science. Two atoms in the exact same quantum state will affect each other instantaneously, no matter how far apart they are.”

A slow shake of his head, right to left, and back again, repeated once. “Pack for a journey. Follow the pendant. Be brave, be strong, and above all else, be wise. I’ll know when you hold the spear, and will find you.”

A moment of silence. I thought ‘What, the heck, I don’t see him often, I might was well ask now.’



“Speaking of Gungnir and school reminded me of something. One of your kennings is ‘Spear Shaker,’ right?”


“And you’re the Norse God of Poetry, right?”


“Uhm, well, we just started studying this guy called Shakespeare in English, and I was wondering, was he, ah, were you…?”

“Boy. Don’t ask questions whose answers you won’t accept. You will believe what you will. There is no answer I can give that will satisfy you.”

“Yes, Gramps.”

“Oh, and Boy?”

“Yes, Gramps?”

“‘A rose by any other name would still smell as sweet.’” And with that the dreamscape was empty, except for a faint echo of laughter.

Gee, I wonder where I get my smart-ass attitude from?