Thorson Episode 5 - Mom, and Kid Napping
“A WHAT?” It could’ve been worse. Mom wasn’t happy, but she wasn’t glowing yet. She claims she doesn’t, at all, that it’s just her Irish temper coming out, but I swear, when she’s really mad at me? She shines. Oh yes she does.

“Draugar,” I muttered.

“You fought a Draugar, in a movie theater, and you’re just NOW getting around to telling me about it?”


“Sweet shores of Ireland protect me! I know you’re not stupid. What were you thinking?!”

“…I wasn’t?”

She sighed. Still not glowing. I might slide out of this one, yet.

“Leanbh milis, I know that. You’re so much like your father that way. But you’re not your father. You’re still young and you still have so much to learn. Now, let me see if I understand this. A Norse undead shows up in the theater you’re in, attacks you, and then ignores you?”

“Yes, and no, and yes?” Oops, is that the start of glimmer around her. Better dial the smartass down a little.

“I mean, yes, it was at the same theater I was. No, it didn’t attack me. Yes, it seemed to be ignoring me. It was dark, and I didn’t notice it until the stench got so strong. I thought it was after me, because it was trying to get through our row, but it didn’t actually seem to notice me. I was backing away from it when it changed direction and tried to walk through the seats in front of me, so I just, sorta, helped it over the seats. Then belted its ankles together, then went to get the manager. It had disappeared by the time we got back.”

Mom shook her head. “Ceann beag, you have to be more careful. Draugar are dangerous. And someone has used Draugar to kidnap the children of Asgard before, you know. Years ago. They took both Hel’s daughter, and Freya’s daughter. They found Freya’s baby girl, but Hel is still mourning her loss.”

She ruffled my hair. “I won’t lose you, Sean. I want you to be more careful, and I want you to tell me when anything, _anything_, out of the ordinary happens. Please?”

“All right, Mom, I’ll try. But it’s kinda hard to tell what’s out of the ordinary for me, you know?”

She laughed. “Yeah, yeah, I know. Well, dear, I’m off to the shop. Just remember what I asked, all right? Stay safe, and tell me about anything weird? And do your homework.”

“Yeah, yeah, I will. Except maybe the homework thing.” I laughed when she stuck her tongue out at me on her way out the door.

Now what to do with myself? Lucy was busy with family things, and Luca was never around Sunday mornings. I didn’t feel like playing video games by myself, and I taken care of my weekend chores the day before, so Mom would let me go to the movies. Homework after all.

Back to my room then. My room is the best place to do my homework, because there’re no distractions there. It’s also the worst place to do my homework, because there’re no distractions there. Mom hasn’t let me keep electronics in my room, since the time I accidentally zapped my computer during a nightmare.

Homework. Where to start? Civics reading, I guess. Mom tells me when I’ve got a lot of stuff to do, to start with the stuff I want to do the least, and get it out of the way first. So, civics reading. I lay back in bed, and started reading about bicameral legislatures, and checks and balances, and other exciting stuff.

It probably doesn’t surprise you that it took less than fifteen minutes of that to put me to sleep, right?

Oh, but not restful, pleasant, dream-filled sleep for me. Oh no, not in my family. I slipped into sleep, and found myself on a colorless plain, enshrouded by a pearlescent mist that seemed to shine with its own light.

“Boy.” echoed around me, and I recognized that deep, grumbling voice. I turned and found him. He appeared as a tall man, this time, broad-shouldered and still built like a barrel for all his breadth. Long, gray hair. A staff in one hand. A raven on each shoulder. A patch over one eye.

Odin. All-father. Spear Shaker. Roarer. Battle Wolf. Raven God. Or, as I like to refer to him, Gramps.