Thorson, Episode 1 — Dad Jokes
It started raining the moment I set foot outside. This, of course, happens. But generally not when it’d been a vivid blue sky and bright sunshine seconds before. Well, generally not to _other_ people.

I glared at the sky. Lightning jumped from cloud to cloud. “What!” I shouted. The thunder growled a question.

“No, it’s not a date! It’s just a movie with a friend!” More lightning, more thunder.

“Yes, a female friend. No, it’s NOT a date!” The thunder was conspicuous by its absence this time. My face felt warm, and I realized I was blushing. The blush turned into a different kind of warmth as the anger rose.

The ancient hammer pendant throbbed against my chest. I drew it out by its fine silver chain, and wrapped my right hand around it. The anger built, and with it something deeper, something primal, something that had to be released.

I raised my left hand, pointed its index finger at the sky, cocked the thumb back. “Screw you!” I bellowed and fired the thumb. The lightning bolt fled from finger to cloud, and the thunder it spilt in its wake sounded an awful lot like laughter.

“Gods damn it,” I muttered, and wondered if everyone else’s dad thought they were funny, too.

Welcome to my life, such as it is. I’m Sean Thorson. Yeah, my mother’s got a sense of humor, too. FML.